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Benefits of a decentralized ethereum Platform


Benefits of a decentralized ethereum Platform

Where programs do not fit, they use all their features.

Immutability – A third party cannot modify the data.
Corruption and Tergha – Activities are based on a network set up around the principle of verification, which eliminates investigation.
Safe and trustworthy – Without the risk of failing and being protected from cryptography, applications are well protected from hacking attacks and fraudulent activities
Long-term – Programs do not fail and cannot be shut down.
What are the disadvantages of this Ethereum application?
Despite some advantages, the application is incomplete. Since people write bad contract code, they also look like good contract writers. Error codes can result in unwanted malware as a barrier. If there is an error in the code, there is no more effective way to stop the attack or exploitation than to gain access online and then write the code below. This is contrary to the importance of the blockchain it needs to change. Similarly, all activities of the same framework raise serious questions about the nature of the application.

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