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Bitcoin Goes Green


Bitcoin Goes Green

Bitcoin’s energy partnership has been one of the biggest economic crashes over the years. As cryptocurrency sees a new lease, miners eventually work to support transactions and create new business assets. The disadvantages are the increase in energy consumption. It should be noted that some athletes started playing live. Many parts of China, the world’s mining capital, rely on renewable energy for mining companies.

Earlier this month, En + Group, the world’s largest airline maker, announced a joint venture to develop infrastructure to support the operation of small cryptocurrencies. In a public statement, the company explained that it is cooperating with BitRiver, Russia’s largest data provider for bitcoin mining services.

As part of the agreement, the companies plan to establish a new company next to the BitRiver data center in Brack. A team of + 10 MW of electricity has been delivered to the plant, and partners may want to increase 40 MW as soon as possible.

“Our energy sector in the [Irkutsk] region produces carbon-free electricity and is cheap from renewable energy sources, and we can provide full power for this relationship,” the press release said. adding a low annual temperature in the area reduces the need. and make data research more cost-effective.

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