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BitMEX is a variety of cryptocurrency contracts that use large loans in large amounts and are open to many non-US citizens. They are the largest trading volume in the bear market in 2018.

BitMEX allows you (assuming you are from the UK, Japan etc … or using a VPN) to stretch or shorten some wing flaps with 1x – 100x handles (the choice is different cryptography).

In other words, you can use BitMEX for security, you can use BitMEX as a high-octane casino and / or something in between … but you should check the same policies in your country before using them (if you live in the US, for example, do not use them).

Specifically, with Bitcoin and BitMEX you buy one contract per contract worth up to 1 USD or 1 coin (see contract value for a single currency on the website; it varies depending on the currency).

Contracts are purchased with Bitcoin and you will be paid in Bitcoin, which means you will use your donation against Bitcoin. This means you are using Bitcoin to shorten the ADA, for long XRP, for long ETH, for short ETH, etc. (Use Bitcoin for everyone on BitMEX).

It works like this: 1. Bet x Bitcoin buy contracts that bet that a currency is raised or lowered, 2. position your currency and choose leverage to determine the price of liquidity, 3. choose a stop price (to avoid liquids if the company is against you) and 4th bed.

If you make money, you can close the situation at any time, and then you get the money in bond contracts, deduct taxes and return to Bitcoin.

You can also manually close the dead state or let it stop losing if the company is against you.

So to protect yourself from BitMEX you can do something like this:

Buy $ 1,000 worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase.
Add Bitcoin up to $ 100 on BitMEX at 1x – 3x.
Sell ​​your long position and close it low if you fall to cover the debt.
Close the short position and sell the long position if it rises to occupy a positive position.
This is one of many examples of using a “correct” handle.

Betgba as an alcoholic on BitMEX you can do something like this:

Try to fix the land to fill the lost market in 2018.
Invest a lot of bitcoin over 100 times without money to stop the price of a dramatic liquid near local support.
Invest in yourself and you will have no money for another system.
Make a list in BitMEX Rect (take a screenshot).
In these camps until you run out of money.
Post about it on Reddit.
Explain to the federal government that you do not have the money to pay taxes because you have lost everything by using a VPN to make big purchases in places that are prohibited in the United States.
Of course, your opportunities are endless if you live in a country that offers BitMEX trading opportunities. Some options are better life opportunities than others, but BitMEX is a platform, not your sponsor Gamblers Anonymous.

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