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Chain Introduces Croeseid Testnet

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Chain Introduces Croeseid Testnet Chain launched the first version of its new test network called Croeseid today, October 19, 2020 with a new code base based on the Cosmos SDK. The name “Croeseid” comes from the first bimetallic gold and silver coin in the world with a standardized purity, an invention that caused a rapid spread of money in the ancient world. This is in line with Crypto mission: to accelerate the global transition to Crypto powered by chain cryptocurrencies. Architectural change also lays a solid foundation for future support for our Decentralized Finance (DeFi) roadmap.

Chain has updated the new test network to give more advantages to the Cosmos SDK:

For developers: Simplify implementation and offer more options, such as:
a) Support across platforms (eg Windows, Mac, Linux)
b) Unique binary for chain node Crypto
c) More options for cloud providers (for example, support for Intel SGX is now optional)
For partners: ensure more practical integration
For users: the ability to support additional features (such as disabling delegation and control):
For the DeFi ecosystem: better support for uses of DeFi situations, for example, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) module can support asset transfer and communication between chains.
Croeseid’s test network continues to use the Tendermint Core as a consent engine. Tendermint is one of the most mature Byzantine tolerant engines of consensus for the development of sticks. For more information on why Tendermint was chosen, check out the Crypto Chain Dev # 1 update.

The basis of the Croeseid certificate code is published on Github here written in the language of the Go program. Until the launch of the mainnet, the Croeseid test will be the new and only official version of the Crypto Chain in the future. The Crypto Chain team always invites the community to review the project and give feedback.

A previous test published by Crypto, Thaler’s test network, will be further updated by the Crypto team, but will take on the role of an experimental tester to test some features.

Since the launch of the test network in Q3 2019, Chain has received tremendous support from the community and industry partners. Today 50 certificates have joined the chain and a total of 350,000 transactions have been processed. We plan to support this strong momentum by launching the Croeseid test and inviting many partners to join our ecosystem to host validators in our channel.

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