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Cryptocurrency Like-Kind Rules Don’t Apply to Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Like-Kind Rules Don’t Apply to Cryptocurrency

Similar exchange rate rules do not apply to investments such as investments, contracts, and other securities, nor do they apply to currencies (currency exchange). .and cryptocurrency is a key benefit of currency security. Yes, the IRS claims it is property that is capitalized when it is owned and according to the rules, and yes, they say they won’t take it. make currency.

However, it was not clear whether such housing rights apply.
People can use various exchange rules as an outlet to pay income tax (they can exchange all their money for cryptocurrency without removing it and exchange national fiat currencies between cryptocurrencies). ). In the interests of the IRS and the country, it is clear that this should be avoided … although other strong arguments may contradict this view, he says they are consistent with regulatory implications that many cryptocurrency investors should avoid.

Conversely, arguments could be made such as “well, sometimes you have to cut money and then pay taxes” or “people can use business dissatisfaction to report annual losses.” And therefore the rule of law has no greater impact on self-defense. “

This page isn’t about discussing topics, but about figuring out uncertainty and where to look next.

The IRS has explicitly stated that the actual way in which cryptocurrency is taxed depends on how it is used and which, apart from the above, saves money which will allow investors to intervene. Cryptocurrencies are likely to change in 2017. If the rules were similar, people could remember “none,” even if it was necessary.

So if you are using cryptocurrency as an investment, based on real estate, and not using it as cash, you could argue that real prices are enforceable (in time, just more details, if used as currency, this is more difficult to make. Such a request. ).

However, this page is not about discussion and discussion, but about safety, precautions and warnings that should be considered when consulting an expert. investment, law and tax policy.

The bottom line is that the current rules are rather fashionable, and for the above reasons, it is reasonable to assume that a similar exchange would not be used (even if cryptocurrency was just an investment) and thus be maintained. And you know how to use bugs. as a precautionary measure before waiting for further notice. Because it helps prevent year-end or under-tax stress.

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