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Dell World it’s Vision and future


Dell World it’s Vision and future

Dell’s world was last week, and this year is definitely different because it’s almost done. One of the most interesting parts of Dell’s life is the Future Session. In recent years, they have witnessed the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and robotics in the future.

This year we talked about a new branch of technology focused solely on artificial intelligence, the mixed technology revolution in food production, how artificial intelligence was accidentally damaged, and how music, math and the new internet provides a kind of entertainment.

Let’s talk this week and this weekend on a product that is not yet a product: technology that makes headphones smart headphones and gives you great potential (but super power). Geneviève Bell: Institute of Artificial Intelligence 3A Geneviève Bell is one of my favorite names and a senior Intel employee working for my research organization.

He opened up this segment in the future by talking about his new efforts, combining different skills and people to create a new industry with a technical focus focused solely on in artificial intelligence. I will say that the heart of technology is that the people involved come from a variety of backgrounds and abilities, including engineers, anthropologists, scientists, policy experts and even musicians. Unlike most other tech-focused experiments, Geneviève begins to explore the history of cyberelectronics in lectures in the 1940s and 1950s that originally defined space.

In Australia, where, Striving, for example, exploits indigenous traps, which were useful at the beginning of the last century and have been successful leaders for centuries. This course focuses on questioning rather than problem solving. Tactical techniques often force you to keep solving problems, regardless of the size of the problem or its addiction. This may cover further damage to the resulting solution. Focusing on things first ensures that the problem is fully identified, allowing for a more complete and safe solution. 

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