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Facebook’s Libra Chief Praises Imminent Crypto Adoption


Facebook’s Libra Chief Praises Imminent Crypto Adoption

Over the weekend, Marcus took to Twitter to share his thoughts on PayPal and the transformation of connecting cryptocurrencies to his services. The head of social media Facebook Blockchain explained that he has taken the right path, adding that the traditional cryptocurrencies industry has shown a continuing limitation of cryptocurrencies.

Marcus said the company is “close to the corner,” adding that PayPal’s statement prompted several banks to seek protection for Bitcoin assets and companies.

Advertising interests in PayPal indeed. The company, which has about 346 million customers and $ 222 billion in transactions in the second quarter of just one year, announced last week that it will give customers access to cryptocurrencies and use them for the week. any. . customers use it.

According to a report from Reuters, PayPal’s cryptographic integration encourages the company to face change. Like services like BitPay, PayPal users can pay with cryptocurrency and customers can receive money instantly through fiat. The company plans to launch Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

PayPal is not only offering instant payment, but also announced that it will be helping customers with hidden instant transactions. So from next year, the platform will provide users with wallets. It allows them to buy, sell and get acceptable insurance coverage.

The encrypted PayPal connection has grown since then. The day after the Reuters report was released, Meltem Demirors, a CoinShares fraudster and Coin strategist, told CNBC Fast Money that it could be a platform to provide support for the company’s research firm. they follow their homeland. cryptocurrency.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see PayPal roll out its digital currency in the next six to 12 months, similar to the digital dollar seen in many payment companies.”

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