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How do I protect myself from cryptocurrency hackers?

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How do I protect myself from cryptocurrency hackers?

To purchase a cryptocurrency with an ICO, read the brochure and company brochures for the following information:

Who is the company? The owner knows that well is a good sign.

Are there other big investors? This is a good mark if others with a significant amount of money want a share of that money.

Are you involved in the business or just money or chips? This difference is important. Being able to bet on your winnings (you have them), buying pages means you have the ability to use them, just like a casino.

Did the money get there, so you need to raise money for business development? As this product continues to grow, it will only get worse.

Searching for brochures can do a great job; The more details you have, the more opportunities you have to fulfill. Legal regulation does not mean that money succeeds. It is a completely different topic and requires a deep knowledge of marketing.

But in addition to these concerns, the existence of cryptocurrencies causes identity theft as hackers try to access computer networks that capture your assets. The profile change changed in 2014 when hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin. These are not the first threats to invest in stocks on the major US stock market.

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