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What is IDEX?
IDEX 2019 is one of the main features of ETH DEX. Because US citizens have so many restrictions on other ETH based products, IDEX is Oasis.

Specifically, IDEX is very useful for trading these other Ethereum based platforms which are traded on Bittrex, Binance, etc.

TIP: Like most modifications, including DEX, IDEX requires users to create an account. The race started on August 23.

How IDEX works
Simply put, IDEX is like any other change. Save money, buy, go out.

Either way, you will see some.

IDEX is a flexible exchange which is a peer-to-peer transaction and can also be managed through smart contract systems.
IDEX is a variant of the Ethereum network and the crypto symbol is mainly used because it is the “main currency” (traded currency) ETH, otherwise it uses ETH symbols such as TUSD, USDC and DAI as two instruments.
IDEX also uses Ethereum tokens, so all tokens can be stored in Ethereum wallets.

IDEX allows you to create portfolios, but IDEX is not a long-term archiving solution. Typically, you should transfer the money used to put IDEX in your wallet used for long term security, then put the money in your IDEX wallet and your wallet entered in IDEX, and at least reset your IDEX wallet. to the connected wallet, otherwise to the existing wallet. For example, use a long wallet, such as a general ledger, the IDEX wallet, to connect your MetaMask wallet to IDEX and invest in transactions.

Using IDEX
To use IDEX all you need to do is create a wallet with IDEX, send the ETH or ETH logo to your wallet (e.g. get the original IDEX using MetaMask), buy it like any other exchange and use the limit market launch rules, then delete the pages.

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