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Japan to Seek Public Opinion Before Launching Digital Yen


Japan to Seek Public Opinion Before Launching Digital Yen

According to a BNN Bloomberg report last week, Kazushige Kamiyama, chief financial officer of the Bank of Japan (BOJ), stressed the need for humanitarian aid in the CBDC civil war. Kamiyama explained that the BOJ news service has not yet decided to launch its digital yen. According to the document, he should have heard people’s words.

Kamiyama acknowledged that the BOJ had already played an important role in housing research and development. However, the bank also works to educate the public by providing access to public opinion.

“At the end of the day, it’s impossible to move forward without fully understanding Japanese society,” he said, adding that the bank is working on a bank that will be fully integrated. it protects the limits of current payment systems and customers. The Japaneses. talk about economics.

The announcement comes after BOJ has already started testing the digital yen. A document submitted to the International Settlement Bank (BIS) earlier this month confirms that the BOJ intends to conduct the first phase of testing CBDCs in 2021. The first test will be to create the right environment and consider digital yen available. make the path possible. ugwo

In the document, the BOJ emphasized that it was working on assets that could be included in the event of an online disruption. The bank showed that Japan is facing several natural disasters that could reduce electricity within days. Therefore, we hope that you will use a tool that prevents and works against the harassment of citizens.

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