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professionals advise govts on data protection policy


professionals advise govts on data protection policy

IT experts have recommended that African governments develop data protection policies to ensure secure access to digital services. In Africa’s first data protection clave, they said the policy will protect their countries from cyber threats and strengthen national security. In his keynote speech, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy said dr.

Father Pantami, African countries need to develop standards to protect data at their borders. Data protection policy is an important part of the digital economy, he says. The Minister explained that as African countries continue to develop their digital economy, it is believed that something needs to be done to increase public confidence so that data is not compromised.

“We need to ensure that countries build, manage and protect their communications infrastructure at the highest level as the industries of the future create growth and prosperity,” he said.

Kashifu Abdullahi, Director General of the National Agency for Information Technology Development, also spoke in a consul, emphasizing the Agency’s role in developing Nigeria’s data protection rules. Inspired by general privacy rules. Although data protection regulations are relatively late, he said we have reached many milestones so far and achieved unprecedented compliance. He also discussed his organization’s overall goal of providing information to the Nigerian youth population, based on the belief that access to information is a key factor in supporting the economy.

Auguste Yankey, Director of ICT Policy and Projects at the African Union, added that most African countries do not have the resources to achieve or ensure a minimum level of security or that they do not have the staff to integrate and create a strong regulatory framework.

“African countries need an innovative approach to criminal policy to locate countries, social and technical solutions to create a credible regulatory environment for cybersecurity,” he said.

He warned that the more the continent is connected to the rest of the world, the more it threatens cyber threats and the greater its impact on others. According to Yankey, Africa has a role to play in securing electronic transactions.

According to him, the protection of personal data is necessary to prevent attacks on the state intelligence service or to prevent access to and / or disclosure of national defense data. Yankey urged stakeholders to develop their knowledge of cybercrime or third country, cybercriminals extensive surveillance techniques. 

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