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Sending and Receiving (Depositing and Withdrawing) Bitcoin With Cash App

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Sending and Receiving (Depositing and Withdrawing) Bitcoin With Cash App

One note is that the process of sending and receiving Cash (i.e. withdrawal and deposit) by Cash users is rather odd.

There is no “pay” button on the Cash application. To “send” or “receive” Bitcoin to another Bitcoin wallet, in or out of the Cash app, you must go through the “withdrawal” or “deposit” process.

This means that in order to send the Bitcoins Cash app to other people you need to “activate Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits” and first go through the verification process and send Bitcoins Cash Cash to another account to activate withdrawals and deposits and do the verification process first. .

However, once withdrawals and deposits are enabled, click “Bitcoin Withdrawal” to send the Bitcoin recipient’s Bitcoin wallet address (you can find this address in the Cash app by entering the “Bitcoin Deposit” screen. “).

The process is almost the same for sending Bitcoin to an external wallet and receiving almost the same Bitcoin. The important part is the send button to receive and the send button to draw.

That said, be sure to copy and paste the Bitcoin address you sent or scan the QR code to make sure it’s the correct address! It is never recommended to manually enter Bitcoin addresses!

A final note here is that if purchases and sales are immediate, Bitcoin withdrawals or deposits need to be confirmed in the blockchain, it can take up to 30 minutes or more.

It is therefore possible to use Bitcoin for payments, but some additional steps are required, especially for payments made between users of the Cash app.

That being said, all traditional Bitcoin wallets require withdrawal and deposit for trading and confirmation of blockchain operations, so it’s nothing strange to Bitcoin users (it seems a little strange at first. The money they are used to negotiating quickly with a simple user payment button).

TIP: If you’re confused with sending and receiving Bitcoin (or withdrawing and depositing), check out this guide on how to send and receive Bitcoin.

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