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Using QR Codes to Send Crypto


Using QR Codes to Send Crypto

How it works in QR Crypto
The QR system is an easy, fast and secure way to share email addresses while transferring cryptocurrency between two devices.

This is useful in pre-transactions, because copying and pasting is not an option and avoids long-term typing of code manually (if you forget even one letter, it doesn’t work).

In simple terms, send cryptocurrencies via QR code:

The recipient will see a QR code of the address where he wants to send the cryptocurrency. This is done with software, a business designed for registration, or a wallet.

The sender will analyze the recipient’s QR code. Specifically, they should open the wallet with the balance of the cryptocurrency, enter the amount they want to send, select the QR option, check the QR receipt code to get the address, make sure everything is correct (the money I sent AND the address) and then show it to the company. For more information, see How to Launch Encryption.

DIPMID: This QR code only applies to the recipient ‘s address. You do not receive additional details, however, you must enter the amount sent and the requested price online.

NDIPMOD: Currency-specified addresses, for example, cannot be sent to an ETH BTC email address.

NDIPMD: QR works well for sending cryptocurrencies between two devices. For example, sending cryptocurrencies and wallet exchanges to your phone.

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